Are you getting the full picture?

My kids are always telling on each other for some reason or another. And as a fair and just parent, I can’t just go by what is initially presented to me. I need to make sure I get the whole story — the full picture — to be able to make the correct judgment and take the correct action, or punish accordingly.
The firms I work with here at Corvil are sort of like parents. Most firms are using flow-based tools for their security analysis, which means they are getting some of the story (i.e. the first child comes and tells on the other), but not all of it. But Corvil, through its packet-based wire data security analytics solution
, does give you the full picture. I wish I had something like that for my kids!
It’s so important for security teams to have an on-demand understanding of all activity that is happening over the network. One of the most frustrating and time-consuming things for Security Operations Teams is not having the details and context to find the ‘who, what, why, how, when and how bad’ questions in an attack. This, of course, happens after knowing that an attacker has already breached the network successfully. So how does Corvil provide this level of visibility with wire data?
Wire data doesn’t give attackers a place to hide.
The fact that Corvil is passive and non-intrusive makes us undetectable to attackers. So we can see them, but they can’t see us. The solution provides real-time tracking and retrospective analysis of user activity for the likes of emails, database queries, remote access, host login attempts, file access and file transfers.
As mentioned, there is nowhere to hide. Whether there are smart machines, mobile devices, or uninstrumented hosts on the network, all activity is clearly seen by Corvil and analyzed. With the ability to provide deep content inspection of every packet, we are able to address many different dimensions to detect previously elusive cyber attackers, including user activity, communication types and content and pattern, and indicators matched from threat intelligence feeds.
In fact, 451 Research sums up the use of raw network data for security analytics
the use of raw network data for security analytics very nicely:
Raw network traffic provides insights for applied behavior analysis and protection from cyber threats than cannot be found in netflow or activity logs. Enterprises are embracing products such as Corvil that perform real-time deep content inspection and analysis of enriched packet data as key elements of an effective security strategy.

Why not get a full picture of everything that is going on over your network? Partial visibility will undoubtedly make your analysis incomplete and far from thorough, which puts the network at serious risk. Get the whole story from all angles to make the best decisions for securing the network.