National Security Administration issued the regulations on the implementation of safe production draft, construction safety management will be a major change!

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2016 in November, after the accident occurred in Jiangxi power plant, safety production has become the focus of attention of all parties. To this end, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council also issued the first document on the safety of production work – the CPC Central Committee and State Council on promoting the reform and development of the field of production safety advice.
Put forward: the development must not be at the expense of security at the expense of focusing on prevention and control of major production safety, strengthen the main responsibility for production safety.
January 6th, the State Administration of work safety issued regulations on the implementation of safe production (draft draft) to further clarify the responsibility of the enterprise as the main body of production safety.
1 to carry out safety production standardization
Building construction, mining, metal smelting units should be in accordance with the provisions of the standardization of safety production. Safety production standardization level, level two, level three, the highest level.
The relation between the rate of industrial injury insurance and the standardization of safety production. The higher the level of standardization of production safety, the lower the rate of industrial injury insurance.
To reach the level of standardization two and above, you can directly apply for the extension of administrative licensing of production safety.

2 improve the proportion of full-time safety management personnel
Safety production law revised in 2016:


Employing more than one hundred people, should be set up safety management agency or have full-time personnel for the administration of production safety; in less than one hundred employees, shall be equipped with safety production management personnel full-time or part-time.
The introduction of the implementation of the regulations, will greatly enhance the proportion of full-time safety management personnel:
Construction, mining, metal smelting units, employing more than 50 people, should be set up safety production management institutions, with no less than 2% full-time employees of production safety management personnel;
Less than 50 employees, you can not set up a production safety management institutions, but should be equipped with full-time safety management personnel.
3 to strengthen the three simultaneous system
Production and business units of new construction, renovation, expansion project (hereinafter referred to as the construction project) of safety facilities, must be at the same time with the main project design, construction, at the same time put into production and use. Investment in safety facilities shall be included in the construction project budget.


4 companies with bad records, the implementation of Joint Disciplinary
The management included poor record production units, examination and approval, for new construction project bidding, securities financing, fiscal and tax policy support, to be strictly restricted or prohibited within a certain period of time, and as an important reference for bank loans.
Production and business units of illegal acts and administrative penalties, will be incorporated into the national enterprise and individual credit information registration system.
5 employees and labor contracts
A labor contract with employees, in addition to state labor safety, related security practitioners to prevent occupation harm and handling of work-related injury insurance and other matters for the employees, should also be formulated according to law must abide by the production and business units for personnel safety production management system, operation rules.
6 suspend production for rectification period, not more than 6 months
Where the illegal act and the hidden danger of the accident are ordered to be corrected within a prescribed time limit, and the on-site treatment measures shall be ordered to meet the deadline, the term shall not exceed 1 months;
Order to suspend production, stop construction, stop construction or stop the use of relevant facilities, equipment and other on-site treatment measures, the period is generally not more than 6 months;
In accordance with the safe production law and other laws and regulations to suspend production for rectification and other administrative penalties, the term is generally not more than 6 months.


7 construction project safety supervision and management by the housing construction department is responsible for
Safety supervision and management of housing construction and city bridge, gas, water supply, heating, sewage and garbage disposal and other municipal infrastructure;
Supervision and management of construction safety in construction, construction and installation, building decoration, survey and design, construction supervision, etc.;
Real estate development, property management, housing levy demolition and other real estate production safety supervision and management,
Are in charge of the housing construction department.
8 to encourage the establishment of Certified Safety Engineers
The State encourages the establishment of a registered safety engineer firm to provide technical and management services to the production and business operation entities.
Original document:
Letter of reference to the regulations on the implementation of the law on safe production (Draft)
Political and legal letter 2 2017
In order to further implement the law of the People’s Republic of China on the safety of production, I organized the drafting of the regulations on the implementation of the law of the People’s Republic of China on safe production (draft). Now open to the public for comments, the unit and the community in February 6, 2017, through the following comments:
1 by letter will be sent to Beijing Dongcheng District city views of Hepingli No. 21 North Street (zip code 100713) the State Administration of Safety Supervision Department of policies and regulations, and in an envelope marked comment.
2 send comments via fax to: 010-64463814.
3.通过电子邮件将意见发至:[email protected]
3 send comments via email to: [email protected]
Department of policies and regulations of the State Administration of safety supervision
January 6, 2017
Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the implementation of the law on safe production (Draft)
第一章 总 则
Chapter I General Provisions
第一条 根据《中华人民共和国安全生产法》(以下简称《安全生产法》)的规定,制定本条例。
Article 1 These Regulations are formulated in accordance with the provisions of the safe production law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the safe production law).
第二条 在中华人民共和国领域内从事生产经营活动的单位(以下统称生产经营单位)的安全生产,适用《安全生产法》和本条例;有关法律、行政法规对消防安全和道路交通安全、铁路交通安全、水上交通安全、民用航空安全以及核与辐射安全、特种设备安全、煤矿安全等另有规定的,适用其规定。
Second units engaged in production and business activities in the territory of People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the production and business units) of the safety production, application of safety production law and the relevant laws and regulations; administrative regulations on fire safety and road traffic safety, railway traffic safety, water traffic safety and civil aviation safety, and nuclear and radiation safety special equipment safety, coal mine safety and other provisions, such provisions shall apply.
Production safety accident report, emergency rescue and investigation and handling, applicable to the safe production law and relevant laws and administrative regulations.
第三条 生产经营单位对本单位的安全生产工作全面负责,其主要负责人是安全生产工作第一责任人,分管安全生产工作的负责人协助主要负责人履行安全生产职责,其他负责人对分管业务范围内的安全生产工作负责。
Third the production and business units responsible for the overall work of the production safety of the unit, the main person in charge is the first responsibility of the work of production safety, responsible person in charge of production safety work assistance is mainly responsible for performing safety responsibility, other responsible person in charge of the business within the scope of responsibility for production safety.
第四条 国务院设立安全生产委员会,负责统筹协调全国安全生产工作,其具体职责由国务院规定。县级以上地方各级人民政府应当设立安全生产委员会,统筹协调本行政区域安全生产工作,其主要负责人担任安全生产委员会主任。
Article fourth the State Council shall establish a safety production committee, which shall be responsible for coordinating the work of national safety production. The local people’s governments at or above the county level shall establish a safety production committee to coordinate the work of production safety in their respective administrative areas.
The main person in charge of the local people’s governments at or above the county level and the relevant departments are the administrative areas and the departments in charge of industry, in the field of production safety work of the first responsible person, the other person in charge of their respective responsibilities within the scope of the work of production safety responsible leadership.
The local people’s governments at or above the county level shall, in light of the economic and social development and the state of work safety in their respective administrative regions, clearly define the responsibilities for the work of production safety of the people’s governments of townships, towns and street offices. The establishment of development zones (industrial parks, technology parks, scenic areas and other special functional areas, the same below) the relevant people’s government management mechanism, should clear the development zone management mechanism of production safety responsibilities, and institutions of the work of production safety, production safety work staff.