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[to harness solar bilateral fence fence net] \/
Every man has his faults.
Treat others with kindness. To laugh at others is to laugh at others. Some people are not discreet, unscrupulous man kaishuan, but can not see the problems themselves. People have to learn empathy, when you laugh at other people’s weaknesses, others will use their strengths, jokes about your weaknesses. To be honest, everyone has advantages, not only to look at other people’s shortcomings. Everyone has a sense of self esteem, in any case should respect others. The wise are open-minded people who know how to respect people. The care, to treat the people around, and not hurt their dignity.
How much dew face, eyes are
A joke is a shallow man. They think a cut above others better than others. He did not understand, people do not have a world of difference, since that clever people, is actually the most stupid person. A man who is a person who has a strong sense of jealousy. The fear of others better than ourselves, there is no irritating laugh. To top head, respected. He does not understand, to respect others, you must first respect others. A person who is a narrow-minded person. Who offend me, I would give him the injection even anxious to destroy give off an unbearable stink, someone else’s future. They forget the principle of life with people.
Leave room for others, is to leave their own way
A man to give their own way, who have difficulty reading the classics, who will not be perfect. We laugh at the bird in the cage, hardly aware of our heart and when flying over the secular cage; we laugh at chained cattle, but do not know the chain is tied to our hearts; we laugh well, we don’t have to look at the complete and vast sky. Respect is equal to yourself, to leave room for others, is to leave their own way.
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