[campus information] city fifteen Middle East Campus Security and Legal Education Report

为加强学生的法制教育,普及法律知识,提高学生自我保护能力, 1月10日上午,市十五中东校区校关工委、政教处、团委经过精心准备,举办了一场精彩的法制与安全教育报告会。



常德:整合戒毒资源 构建”大戒毒”工作体系

此次活动不仅增强了该校学生的法制观念,提高了他们辨别是非和自我保护、自我防范的能力,还使他们明白了应该怎样规范自己的言行,懂得了从我做起,从小事做起,珍惜校园美好时光,远离危害,好好学习,做一名学法、懂法、守法的文明中学生。(信息员 刘德功)
In order to strengthen the legal education of students, popularize legal knowledge, improve students’ ability to protect themselves, the morning of January 10th, the fifteen Middle East Campus of church and State Department, the Communist Youth League Committee, after careful preparation, held a wonderful legal and safety education report.

湖南举行”湘江砺剑 网安护航”互联网安全应急演练

The report will be invited to the new temple police officer Chen Yan as the speaker, the second and the third grade students do a lecture entitled campus holiday legal and safety education report. First of all, Yan Chen officer according to the social and campus surrounding the current security situation, the reality of the students, a detailed explanation of the legal responsibility of students and how to improve the legal awareness of their own safety, quality and other issues. By listing the vivid typical case, easy to analyze, let students understand what behavior is illegal, the behavior will cause personal injury consequences. At the same time, strict police officers also for the students to the winter school fire safety, food hygiene and safety, prevent theft, ban fireworks safety knowledge, this paper presents some methods and strategies to deal with emergencies to protect the lives and safety, practical and strong. The content of the report with the actual case to explain the law, the law on things, easy to understand.
This activity not only enhances the legal concept of the students, improve the ability of self prevention and self protection, they distinguish between right and wrong, but also to enable them to understand how to regulate their own behavior, to begin from me, from the trivial, cherish the good time of campus, far from harm, Study hard, as a learning method the law, the law of the civilization of middle school students. (Information Officer Liu Degong)
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