Look back at the 2016 China information security situation

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Windows\/Linux server operating system
Windows Server 2003的市场占比持续下降,占比达15%;Linux操作系统中Centos以绝对优势领先,市场占有率达28%,Ubuntu和RedHat表现相对良好,分别占到26%、19%。
Windows Server 2003 market share continued to decline, accounting for 15%; the Centos Linux operating system in the absolute superiority, the market share of 28%, Ubuntu and RedHat were relatively good, respectively accounted for 26%, 19%.
Web server market
In 2016, more than half the market share of the Web server, Apache outstanding, accounting for 36% of the total; Tomcat and WebLogic accounted for 40%; IIS, Nginx also has a good performance, accounted for 11% and 10%.
Web server market
2016, cloud host eye-catching performance, accounting for 58% of the new site server shipments. Cloud hosting because of its fast deployment, elastic expansion force, charging characteristics, by the majority of users blitz; the VPS as the previous generation product cloud hosting is being phased out, the new market share continued to shrink to 3%.
Server security and health status
Unhealthy servers accounted for 66%, sub health servers accounted for more than 26%.
Various types of network attacks
Domestic server, website security threats escalating, the number of attacks in recent years jumped. Illegal scanning site has been the most popular trick hackers. In addition, brute force, CC\/DDOS attacks, SQL injection attacks, cross site attack is commonly used by hackers XSS attacks.
brute force
In the brute force attack, remote login brute force 53%, FTP brute force cracking of the database, the violence is increasing year by year in, accounting for the proportion of up to 23% in 2016. It is worth mentioning that the number of violent attacks every month in the tens of millions of times, belonging to the long-term large-scale attack type.
Network attack warming up
2016 DDOS attack, the attack source become the largest proportion of countries, reached 31.54%; followed by Chinese, accounted for 17.61%.
Database vulnerabilities
Database information leakage is mainly caused by human factors, database security vulnerabilities and third party malicious components caused by the three factors together to become a threat to the security of the database, the carriage of the three.


The most concern is high-risk vulnerabilities

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High risk vulnerabilities concentrated in the Oracle and Mysql database. The number of vulnerabilities accounted for 56% of the total vulnerability, the number of low-risk vulnerabilities accounted for up to a maximum of 36%, high-risk vulnerabilities accounted for the proportion of 8%.
Security vulnerability type
Security vulnerabilities, mainly to the application based, accounting for 47% of the total; secondly, the vulnerability of the page itself and operating system vulnerabilities can not be ignored, accounting for respectively, 29%, 11%.
Site vulnerability risk level distribution
According to statistics, in 2016 the network attack vulnerabilities, high-risk vulnerabilities accounted for 71.3%, low-risk vulnerabilities accounted for 19.4%, the risk of vulnerabilities accounted for 9.3%
In 2016, from the perspective of urban distribution, intercept the most Webshell attack for the city of Beijing (27%), followed by Shanghai (19%), Guangzhou (14%), Tianjin (7%), Shenzhen (6%).
The most vulnerable industry rankings


Internet banking and electricity supplier has been the main industry of hackers, because it involves a large amount of funds, sensitive user information, online platform to be perfect, as the main target of attack by the hacker is normal; in addition, security problems of online games, the relevant government and education and scientific research industry can not be ignored, need to pay close attention to more the.
Distribution of financial sector vulnerabilities: financial institutions most loopholes, followed by the insurance industry
Financial institutions due to a wide range of services, the highest number of vulnerabilities. Emerging Internet banking, due to the pursuit of speed and requirements of the business is much higher than the security needs, although the business is not long, but the number and threat of exposure is among the best. As of the end of 2016, nearly 200 nationwide Internet banking platform was found loopholes.
International network security environment worrying: offshore attacks rose sharply
2016, from the territory of the cyber attacks increased significantly, most of the attacks against the Chinese government website and P2P platform. Overseas network attacks accounted for 35.3%. As the source of the attack from outside, to cause great trouble tracking. There are 4.4% of the source of the attack is unknown, whether it is from inside or outside, we must guard against such security risks as early as possible, effectively circumvent.
Network security event in 2016
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2016, network attacks and data breaches occur frequently, and extends from the PC to the mobile terminal. With the popularity of the Internet of things, equipment virtualization, the scale of network attacks will be growing, means of attack will be more and more, the impact will be more serious.
From the current point of view, their vulnerability to operating system of many enterprises has been neglected, leading to hackers, malware swoop, caused serious harm to enterprise security. At the same time, for the enterprise server cluster APT attack is still strong, hackers have been done to achieve the industrialization and popularization, security needs to achieve rapid response, timely resolution. Not only that, in order to achieve the enterprise server security management is more comprehensive, but also need to carry out the security of unknown threats.
The current security products are mainly concentrated in the known security vulnerabilities detection and defense, the detection and defense of unknown threats has been a short board of the market. The phantom guards desktop security and disaster recovery system starting from the bare hardware device layer, using the original IDV architecture model, from the bottom to solve the loopholes in the system, which is to ensure the desktop security management of disaster recovery, and effectively resolve the server security, combined with the specific data of non plaintext backup and recovery functions, provides a set of safety loop structure for enterprises.
Information security is a problem that can not be ignored, the maintenance of network information security is Chinese shadow defender’s goal and mission, in 2017, we will continue to further expand cooperation in research and development, our enthusiasm for the early realization of domestic self-control of information security in our contribution.
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