[Department] easy production mobile phone patent disputes four, who will have the last laugh?

The business sector has been the first-class enterprise standards, second-class enterprises to do the brand, three flow of enterprise technology, four flow of enterprise products, which refers to the core competition of standards, patent dispute.
After Qualcomm was fined 6 billion yuan in China’s anti-monopoly department, South Korean antitrust authorities also received a hefty penalty of about $5 billion 900 million qualcomm. The reason for the fine is the existence of abuse of market monopoly Qualcomm Corp, forcing some mobile phone manufacturers to pay for some unnecessary patents.
Of course, this may be the game between governments and international manufacturers, but it is also an important part of the patent war.


The industry believes that the mobile phone patent war or will become the main battlefield of the battle for the mobile phone resources, there will be more mobile phone manufacturers are pouring into the battlefield, and finally the winner will be the best of all aspects of ability, technology, marketing.
NOKIA VS Apple two round
First to review the history of NOKIA and Apple’s war:
2009年10月22日,诺基亚公司将苹果公司诉至美国特拉华州联邦法院,诉称苹果自2007年以来各款iPhone手机上网侵犯了其10项专利,涉及无线数据、语音编码、安全和加密技术等10项与 GSM、UMTS、局域网标准相关的技术。
In October 22, 2009, NOKIA company will Apple Corp to the U.S. Delaware federal court, alleged that Apple since 2007 sections of the iPhone mobile phone Internet infringed on 10 of its patents, relates to the technology of wireless data, speech encoding, security and encryption technology are 10 and GSM, UMTS, local area network standards.
December 11, 2009, Apple launched a counterattack, claiming that NOKIA E71, 5310, N900 and other models are all violations of Apple’s total of 13 patents.
December 29, 2009, NOKIA to the United States International Trade Commission complained that Apple’s patent infringement, the requirements of Apple Corp iPhone mobile phones and other products issued a comprehensive ban on import orders, suspend and stop sales orders.
January 15, 2010, Apple Corp also complained to the United States International Trade Commission NOKIA patent infringement, the requirements of NOKIA’s products to prohibit import orders.
In May 7, 2010, NOKIA sued the Wisconsin Apple Corp and the Federal District Court, claimed that Apple’s iPhone and iPad products against NOKIA five important patents, to improve the voice and data transmission, use location data in the application of technology.
In addition, they are running between the same few, far more than that.
In 2009 the field of intelligent mobile phone is not even apple dominate the world, but it is NOKIA, active attack, largely because of blocking enemies.
Because at that time, NOKIA’s revenue capacity of only $1 billion 100 million, while Apple has $1 billion 600 million in revenue.
The war of NOKIA and apple can be traced back to the early after the release of iPhone. At that time, NOKIA found Apple Corp negotiations, I hope the Apple Corp in the payment of patent fees at the same time, part of the patent license for the use of NOKIA, equivalent to the company and the company’s replacement of resources. The two sides reached a consensus on 2011, apple agreed to authorize NOKIA’s patent.
However, good times don’t last long.

Recently, NOKIA and apple to double Yi. NOKIA told Apple Corp in many countries and regions including the United States Court, district court, Texas, Dusseldorf, Munich and East Germany Mannheim local court.
The reason for the prosecution is apple products infringe NOKIA technology patents.
NOKIA said Apple in the monitor, chipset, software and other aspects of the invasion of NOKIA 32 patents, and has launched in Asia, Europe and the United States and other 11 countries against Apple’s 40 patent litigation.
The special warfare by four
We will look back from the other side of the ocean, the smoke has not faded away, this is not the haze, it is smoke filled.
Domestic manufacturers are busy busy for patent war, HUAWEI, millet, oppo, vivo, HTC, a plus, have to fight.
December 5, 2014, Ericsson will millet court, saying that in violation of its ARM, EDGE, 3G and other 8 patents in technology, while applying for a temporary injunction prohibiting the sale of infringing products in India millet in India.
Millet is to each device in advance 100 India rupees (about 0.05 yuan) to court escrow , temporary sales use Qualcomm mobile phone chip. India Delhi High Court accepted the case, but as of the end of last year, the two sides have not yet reached an agreement announcement.
After millet, a plus India road is not so smooth. By the end of 2014, India mobile phone manufacturers Micromax sued an exclusive patent infringement. The case was also accepted by the Delhi high court in India and was banned from selling in India, but then the Delhi high court withdrew the ban.
Currently, the global smartphone sales growth is slowing. Domestic smart phone industry has a lot of technology and patent accumulation of top companies are accelerating the layout of overseas markets.

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Technology and patents are innovators moat, even technological innovation such as HUAWEI company, need to pay an annual licensing fee is $300 million. Therefore, in the mobile phone market, the patent is still the only way to strengthen the patent.
From the respect of the patent, to gradually have their own patents, which is the development of any industry, a long-term development of the road, there is no shortcut to go. Less homework, sooner or later to pay back.
The manufacturer general how to fight?
Patent is the wall of each mobile phone manufacturers, but also an important measure of the innovative ability of each mobile phone manufacturers. Especially in the current rapid product iteration, the patent or to fight against competitors, to maintain their position of the umbrella.
For patent war, industry experts pointed out that after the national development and Reform Commission and Qualcomm patent litigation ended, the new rules of the game has been formed, which is basically recognized as a market development needs to adapt to the ruling.


At the same time, insiders also said that the domestic patent litigation has been a growth trend, the field of communication before and no large-scale outbreak, or because the patent reserve is not enough.
Therefore, the new normal is the basic principle and trend of the current and the next stage of the development of mobile phone industry, only the correct analysis, flow, to be able to do the steady development, at this point, HUAWEI, millet and OPPO are done.
Currently, the domestic mobile phone industry, the most important thing is to strengthen the level of their own research and development innovation and speed, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu has repeatedly mentioned, only to grasp the core technology is controllable. Therefore, there is no shortcut to go.
The war will continue, as mobile phone manufacturers general are how to fight? Time will give us the answer.
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