Strengthen safety driving training to ensure road traffic safety


In May 2, 2017, Lanping County Township Board convened the township pilot road traffic safety work plan meeting held. Stone Township board in charge of the leadership, the village committee secretary attended the meeting.
The meeting analyzed the current township road traffic safety situation and accident cause, informed the 2017 1-4 month road traffic safety situation, in order to alert the driver’s awareness of traffic safety, civilized driving, driving carefully; the 1-4 months without major traffic accidents, investigate traffic violations since 352, a total of 29 traffic accidents 1 people were killed.
Meeting the requirements of the driver comrades is to enhance learning, through the study of traffic regulations, accident cases to improve their awareness of safe driving, warning. Two is attached great importance to recognize more cars, more people, more curved, poor road conditions of severe traffic environment, vigilance, careful driving. Three is from now on, change the idea, put an end to luck, consciously abide by traffic rules and regulations, develop good driving habits, civilized driving. The meeting also carried out traffic safety knowledge, common traffic safety violations, motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of special lectures.


It is reported that the stone Township board to improve street traffic order, traffic order, easy to change the street congestion situation, the initial investment about one hundred thousand yuan for street traffic signs and parking rendering, and for single line in the street road (Xiaoqing door Reshuitang), and achieved good results, the next step will continue to strengthen the guidance specification and execution, the street traffic order.
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