USGFX Global CEO Shay Zakhaim was invited to publish the views of the eastern financial exchange rate!

2017年4月30日,USGFX联准国际全球首席执行官Shay Zakhaim在澳大利亚悉尼接受了来自东方财经新闻制高点栏目组的采访,并针对欧洲大选发表了个人看法。
April 30, 2017, USGFX Zakhaim, the world’s chief executive officer of the international Shay in Sydney, Australia to accept the interview from the Oriental finance news column group, and for the general election of the European express personal views.
2017 has become a general election in Europe, the Holland election in March to let the whole of Europe breathed a sigh of relief, France’s second round of elections will also be held in May 7th. Then, in September this year, the German election will come a fanfare. With a strong recovery in the euro zone economy, such a dense European elections and other uncertainties in the foreign exchange market, many of the risk aversion rose again.
Shay Zakhaim在新闻中表示:“自从英国投票决定脱离欧盟,它对世界主要经济的影响很小,我希望对中国的影响也同样微弱,然而我们尚不清楚接下来英国将会有何举措,一旦英国接下来实施新的计划,对证券市场产生影响的可能性不大,目前影响的主要还是人的心理,而并没影响到经济。我认为大选对外汇市场造成的影响将会较小,我们在过去几个月已见证了美国大选对欧元影响,期间欧元下跌很多。但我认为其它国家的大选,不会像美国大选影响那么直接,不太会对外汇市场形成巨大冲击。”
Shay Zakhaim in the news said: since the UK voted out of the EU, its impact on the world economy is very small, I hope the impact on China is also weak, however we do not know what will be the next British initiative, once the implementation of the new plan next, possible impact on the stock market is not. At present, the impact is mainly people’s psychology, and did not affect the economy. I think the impact of the election on the foreign exchange market will be smaller, we have witnessed in the past few months the U.S. election on the euro, the euro fell a lot. But I do not think that the election of other countries, the United States will not be as direct as the election, not a great impact on the foreign exchange market.



The news also mentioned that the recent U.S. dollar index fluctuations, more intense. And relatively speaking, the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar but relatively stable, the market is expected to depreciate significantly.
Shay Zakhaim针对人民币汇率走势的态度也印证了这一预期,Shay表示:“长期来看,人民币不会进一步贬值。因为一旦人民币贬值的情况发生,中国央行也会毫不犹豫地出手干预,这在过去已经印证过很多次,所以人民币继续贬值的可能性极低。”
Shay Zakhaim attitude towards the RMB exchange rate also confirms this expectation, Shay said: in the long run, the yuan will not be further devalued. Because once the devaluation of the renminbi, China’s central bank will not hesitate to intervene, which in the past has been confirmed many times, so the possibility of devaluation of the RMB is very low.

According to the latest foreign exchange administration data show that in March this year, China’s current foreign exchange settlement deficit of $11 billion 600 million, has been a deficit for 21 consecutive months, which also shows that the market is expected to stabilize the RMB exchange rate.
Shay Zakhaim在观点发表中提到,”我们可以看到中国的GDP是非常强劲的,强于预期,这说明中国的经济状况良好,增长强劲。我个人也认为中国的经济会持续平稳发展,人民币的未来走势也会趋于平稳。”
Shay Zakhaim said in a statement, we can see that China’s GDP is very strong, stronger than expected, indicating that China’s economic situation is good, strong growth. I personally think that China’s economy will continue to develop steadily, the future trend of the RMB will tend to smooth.

USGFX联准国际2006年成立于澳大利亚悉尼,11年以来一直接受澳大利亚证券投资委员会(ASIC LC No. : 302792)的合规全监管并致力于与全球客户建立起长期稳定的合作关系。USGFX以稳健为营运基础,向客户提供极致化的交易环境,灵活多样的金融产品和高标准的客户服务,已然成为颇受业界好评的老牌外汇经纪商。
USGFX international was founded in 2006 in Sydney Australia, 11 years has been accepted by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC LC No.: 302792) the full compliance supervision and is committed to global customers to establish long-term stable cooperative relations. USGFX to operate as a solid foundation, to provide customers with the ultimate trading environment, flexible and diverse financial products and high standards of customer service, has become a popular industry veteran foreign exchange broker.

2016信息安全管理运维赛在沪收官 湖南成绩抢眼

Since the establishment of the Shanghai office in early 2015, stationed in the Chinese market, USGFX Award for the industry.


March 2016, USGFX and CCTV securities information channel LIAN USGFX quasi observation series of foreign exchange trading education information programs, the program every Tuesday, four 20:30 in the CCTV foreign exchange market column broadcast. USGFX will continue to be your most effective online trading partner!

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