Financial security: a key word in the financial market

For the financial sector, something unusual this week. Central to the importance of financial security to a new level of governance, significant, far-reaching impact.
CPC Central Committee Political Bureau 25 to safeguard national financial security on the fortieth collective learning. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed, must fully understand the important status and role of Finance in economic development and social life, and to maintain financial security as a matter of governance, put the financial work.
The central government attaches great importance to financial security, which shows the importance and urgency of preventing financial risks. In fact, prior to this, financial regulation has continued to overweight. This year, especially since late March, a line of three will have intensive introduction of a number of policies for the industry chaos, illegal conduct remediation and combat, make up for regulatory loopholes. People’s Bank of China launched the MPA assessment, the CBRC 10 days of intensive landing documents, the Commission punished several companies, China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued 39 measures to clear the nine key areas of insurance risk prevention and control of the 7……
The unprecedented financial purge is not China’s current financial Weakness lends wings to rumours., the overall risk control, but also faces many challenges. From the international point of view, the Risk Spillover Effect of some countries’ monetary policy and fiscal policy adjustment is likely to form an external impact on China’s financial security.
From the domestic point of view, the growth rate of non-performing loans has slowed down but still barely bottomed out, the shadow banking scale is too large, increased regulatory arbitrage. Whether it is the state of the sea securities radish chapter event, or Minsheng Bank false financial case, are a variety of financial chaos local reaction, to the time of the heavy governance.


At present, the economy is stable in order to improve the situation is also to strengthen the supervision of the policy to provide a larger space, it is a good time to rectify the order, promote the reform of the window, need to seize.
Regulatory punches will inevitably be accompanied by pressure and pain, which has been reflected in the recent financial market. This requires us to hand to a good grasp of the intensity and rhythm, a variety of possible risk prevention and control regulation in the process of guiding the market mentality to the benign development; on the other hand to keep the concentration, face pressure and challenge, as in the past to have the determination and courage.
The central government to safeguard national financial security put forward 6 tasks, which for some time in the future of China’s financial work provides a guide to action, and then it depends on the specific actions of financial regulators and market players. Looking forward to this a top-down action to safeguard national financial security, to the financial sector in addition to dredging to purify the financial ecology, establish a new wind industry, make the financial return to the source, return to the beginning of the heart, to create a better Chinese for the development of economy and the financial sector in the future.


(source: capital Bureau)
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