Thai media: Thailand new frigates bid 054 frigate lost to South Korea.

According to Thailand, Bangkok Post reported on April 21, the Royal Thai Navy has selected a South Korean navy ship manufacturers to build a new frigate, the total cost of 13 billion baht (about 2.9 billion yuan).
The article said that a naval source said that the selection committee of the Royal Thai Navy in the 19 claimed that they had selected Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Company to manufacture aboard the frigate. The company is entering the last two South Korean companies a tender selection panel generated. Several foreign companies were eliminated from Spain, Italy and China.
The project director of the selection panel said, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering was chosen mainly because it meet the requirements specification Navy frigate. Meanwhile, he also said that the Navy requested the company to produce a set of battle management system (CMS), the system can communicate with the nale the Pacific Grace frigate and Taksim on other systems interconnected. Aboard the frigate will be Thailand's first one built by the South Korean naval vessels, it will be put into use within two years. Its displacement between 3000-4000 tons. Thai Cabinet had already approved a budget of 300 billion baht of the Royal Navy purchase two frigates. The two frigates will be first-come-first-served basis 11 construction. According to the sources said, the selection panel preferred European frigates, but they are too expensive, had to give up.
According to the website of the British Jane's Defense Weekly reported on January 29 before, said informed sources, the Thai and Chinese negotiations, China plans to be sold to Thailand three Type 054 frigate contract worth $ 1 billion. Jane's said the Thai Navy would like to buy multi-purpose frigate, recommended to Thailand 054 the type JIANGKAI class frigates, Littoral Combat Ship with U.S. arms sales launched a direct competition, although the Thai Navy is said to tend to buy the United States, Europe, or South Korea warships, but the Thai government is inclined to buy from China, Type 054 frigate is a very cost-effective alternative to Western warships. China warships, from a logistical point of view is also very beneficial to the Thai Navy has been a lot of Chinese-made ships. Jane's said that China and Thailand if the deal is successful, China will Thailand transfer of technology to facilitate maintenance, and some parts can be locally produced in Thailand. Type 054 frigate weighing about 4,000 tons, 135 meters long, about seven or eight years ago to enter the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy.
For comprehensive information point of view, China produced 054 frigates have been lost to the South Korean warship procurement projects. (Practice compilation: Yan snow Ning, Reviewer: Liang)

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